James Wilson

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  • Born

    James Wilson was born on this date in Caskardy, Scotland
  • Sailed to America

    James Wilson emigrated to America from Scotland.
  • " Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Government."

    This was an influential essay that Wilson wrote and distributed to members of the First Continental Congress. The essay severly criticized and challanged the parliamentary rule over America at the time.
  • Signed the Declaration of Independence

    Wilson signed the second continental congress' Declaration of Independence.
  • Congress appoints Wilson

    Congress appoints Wilson as a director of the Bank of North America.
  • Re-elected to Congress

    In 1782 Wilson was re elected to serve in Congress.
  • Constitutional Convention of 1787

    Wilson was a very influential figure on the Constitution, and it was on this date he signed the Constitution.
  • Became Professor of Law

    In 1789 Wilson became a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Died

    On August 28th, 1798 James Wilson died as a supreme court justice in Edenton, North Carolina.