Jacob Melchior's Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born to parents Fred and Lori Melchior.
  • Baptism

    I was Baptized when I was a little baby.
  • Brother's Birth

    Brother's Birth
    My brother, Sam, is born.
  • Sister's Birth

    Sister's Birth
    My sister, Ava, is born.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    My first day of school at Scenic Hills Elementry School.
  • First trip to Disney World

    First trip to Disney World
    My first time visiting Disney World. I had so much fun. My family and I spent most of the time at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
  • First Holy Communion

    I had recieved my First Holy Communion. I had a big party afterwards.
  • First Day of Middle School

    First Day of Middle School
    My first day of middle school at E.T. Richardson Middle School. I was really nervous, but I survived.
  • Confirmation

    My Confirmation into the Catholic Church.
  • Trip to Florida

    My family and I took a trip to Florida. We had rented a beach house near St. Augustine that was right on the shore. There were a lot of little shorebirds by the water.