Jackson Loeppky

  • My Birth

    I was born at the Victoria Hospital the day after christmas.
  • First Dog

    My first dog was a Border Collie. His name is Buddy and he's brown and white. He is still alive today.
  • Learnt How To Ride A Bike

    I learnt how to ride a 2 wheeled bike at the age of 5 at my cousins house.
  • First Year Of Kindergarden

    I attended kindergarden twice because I had a late birthday. My parents decided that because they thought I'd be the smartest in my class, but that never happend.
  • First Day Of School

    First year of attending a french emersion school. Called Ecole Julie-Riel
  • First Year Of Hockey

    Started playing hockey at 7 years old out of Dakota Community Centre.
  • Graduated 4th Grade

    Half way through elementary school.
  • Leared How To Snowboard

    Learnt how to snowboard at Kingston Park.
  • Road Trip With Family

    My dad, my sister and I taveled on road to the north-east corner of the united states where most of my family lives. We stopped at numerouse famous locations like Yellow Stone National Park, Mount Rushmor, Corner Gas film set and many more.
  • Broke My Colar Bone

    Broke my colar bone playing flag football.
  • School Trip To Quebec

  • Graduated Elementary

    Graduated elementary from Ecole Julie-Riel.
  • Last Year Of Hockey

    I decided to quit hockey in 2010 for two reasons. Because all my buddies that i played with were quiting and my last year nobody els were trying.
  • Billy Talent Concert

    I received Billy Talent tickets for my birthday. Although they werent the best tickets i enjoyed the concert alot. I took my friend logan with me as i got two tickets.
  • First Year Of Rugby

    I joined my school rugby team my first year in highschool and fell in love with the sport although i got tossed around being one of the smallest kids on the team. I think thats what got me hooked on the sport.
  • First Job

    I got my first job at Seine River Retirement Home. It was a great first job for me because i would get serving experience, The hours were great, 4:00 to 7:15 gave enough time to do homework and i loved helping the old folks.
  • Trip To Big White

    My dad and i went on a two week ski/snowboard trip to BC. We stopped at a few mountains on the way like Mount Baker, Sun Peaks Resort and Wistler Resort befor arriving at Big White where I met up with my buddy Oliver and his family.
  • Fired From First Job

    I was fired from my job for being late to many times. I am not proud of this and beleive me, i've learnt from my mistake.
  • First Vehical

    My first vehical that I bought was a White 1998 GMC Sierra Step-Side.
  • Present Day