Iyesha's Timeline

  • Made burrito books.

    We made burrito books with a manilla folder, lined paper, a small piece of copy paper, and a rubberband
  • Period: to

    Iyesha's Timeline

  • Internet Safety.

    Internet Safety.
    wiredsafetyWe learned about Internesafety. We used
    Safe Teens, and Wired Learning. We learned what to, and what not to put / post online.
  • Glogster edu

    Glogster edu
    We made two glogsters: One about us, and one about Asotin (with a partner) We also developed our profiles.
  • Google Docs

    Google Docs
    Google Docs
    We learne dhow to use Google Docs, and we made a powerpoint and presented it with the class.
  • Animoto

    my animoto: About Me :)
    We made our Animotos and presented them on the 18th.
  • Animotos on science/tech. class

    Animotos on science/tech. class
    We made scientific animotos for technology. Mine was on rocks and minerals.
  • iGoogle

    We made and personalized our iGoogle home pages, added five fun tools, Google Docs, and the RSS feed for Asotin School.
  • Robot C

    Robot C
    Planet H99,Robot C
    We started programming on Robot C. I'm great at it...It's really fun too, I think I'll do it during the summer! :)
  • Gave Presentations for Web 2.0 tool

    Gave Presentations for Web 2.0 tool
    Web 2.0 web 2.0 tool was GroupCard!! :)
  • Give Presentations for Time Toast

    Give Presentations for Time Toast
    Time Toast
    We presented our timetoast time lines. The class worked on their timelines for about one week.
  • Logos the turtle

    Logos the turtle
    We went on logos the turtle; a programming website and worked in booklets to show we know how to do it. I made a UNICORN!!!!:)