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I've Got Friends In All Places

By salsip
  • Hello Samantha

    Hello Samantha
    Born At Grandview Hospital in Dayton Ohio
  • Bradford Ohio

    Bradford Ohio
    My first home town. We lived in a farm house on the outskirts of town
  • Ludlow Falls Ohio

    Ludlow Falls Ohio
    Only a few months old my parents moved us to my fathers parents house.
  • Covington Ohio

    Covington Ohio
    My mothers parents bought a house in Covington that they still live in today. This will always be my true Home.
  • Period: to


    I took ballet, jazz, and tap lessons for a couple years. I was determined to become a ballerina.
  • Period: to


    I started playing soccer and took my goalie skills to Michigan with me. And later I played a season for Covington while attending Piqua City Schools.
  • Berrien Springs Michigan

    Berrien Springs Michigan
    My mother and I moved to Michigan where she attended college.
  • Summerville South Carolina

    Summerville South Carolina
    My mother and I move to South Carolina to be with her sister and my cousin Brock.
  • Covington Ohio

    Covington Ohio
    My Mother and I move back to Covington where we lived right down the street from my grandparents.
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    Roller Skating

    I went to the 36 Skate Club in Piqua every weekend. I enjoyed learning new skate routines and tricks. For about a year towards the end of my skating days I was on a skating team. It was like ice skating tricks on wheels.
  • Piqua Ohio

    Piqua Ohio
    My Mother and I move to Piqua and I start attending Washington Intermediate School. After a couple of years we move to the house next door.
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    Piqua Life

    While living in Piqua I attended Washington Intermediate School, the Piqua Junior High and I graduated from Piqua High School. During High School I worked for Payless at the Piqua Mall.
  • Graduation

    I Graduate from Piqua High School.
  • College

    I attend Kent State University in Kent, Ohio for 3 semesters.
  • College Part 2

    College Part 2
    I attend Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio. And will be for the rest of my life.... until I graduate.