Italian flag

Italy from 1800 to 1880

  • Napoleon Annexation

    Napoleon Annexation
    Napoleon annexes piedmont Tuscany and the Papal state to France, and this meant that Italy was under an Authoritarian government that was in France.
  • Invention of the battery

    Invention of the battery
    Alessandro Volta invents the battery inovating technology and making a more liberal and advanced country of Italy.
  • French Napoleonic rule

    French Napoleonic rule
    The Kingdom of Italy was born which was a French client state founded in Northern Italy by Napoleon I. This was a whole authoritarian event, Napoleon had just created a monarchy.
  • Napoleon's Coronation

    Napoleon's Coronation
    The Noth of Italy from Milan to Venice becomes the kingdom of Italy within Napoleon's French empire. This and all the other Napoleon regions ruled by members of his family were authoritarian governments. They were all forced to follow Napoleon.
  • Jews in Rome

    Jews in Rome
    Jews who lived in Rome were emancipated from this region because of the Papal instructions. Karl Marx (comunism) used to say that everyone had the right of liberalism.
  • Restauration of Vienna

    Restauration of Vienna
    The congress of Viena restored continental Europe as it was before Napoleon conquered it. This was a a liberal and a nationalist movement because they got back their regions.
  • The Camorra

    The Camorra
    The Camorra (which was a mafia organization) is founded in Napoles, as a result of the French Revolution and the restoration of the Buorbon dinasty. They supported the liberal and social movements, so they were against authorities.
  • Invention of the telephone

    Invention of the telephone
    Antonio Meucci invented a new thing to communicate called the telettrofono. This was also known as the first telephone, and it was only used by important people, so this was a capitalist thing.
  • Second Italian War of Independence

    Second Italian War of Independence
    It was fought by the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia against the Austrian Empire and it played a crucial part in the process of Italian unification, and it also was the most liberal, nationalist and important movement in all the italian history.
  • Kingdom of Italy

    Kingdom of Italy
    Italy is ruled by the Savoy family, which continued to rule Italy for several decades through the Italian Independence wars as the Italian unification continued and even as the First World War, so Italy stayed with this authoritarian movement for more than a decade.
  • Killing by the mafia

    Killing by the mafia
    This Mafia in Sicily started because people were against the feudalism (conservative). This massive killing in Sicily was mostly rural, composed of cattle thieves, smugglers, wealthy farmers and their guards, so only the privileged people were in this group.
  • Seven Week's War

    Seven Week's War
    It is also known as the Third Italian War of Independence, in which Italy allies with Prussia and they defeat Austria. As a result, Venezia annexes Italy. Italy fought for their nationalism against the authoritarian government.
  • The Società Geografica Italiana

    The Società Geografica Italiana
    The Società Geografica Italiana is founded. This is an organization which made exploratory expeditions, mostly to Africa. Such travels generally combined scientific purposes and political agendas. It was mainly used in the government, which was a complete communist idea.
  • Incorporation of Rome

    Incorporation of Rome into the Kingdom of Italy and made them their capital.
  • Capture of Rome

    Capture of Rome
    Italy conquers Rome from the Pope because they were fighting against the House of Savoy, so they were tired of being governed by an authority system. As a result, Italy declares Rome it's capital.
  • Immigrate italians to the US

    Immigrate italians to the US
    More than 4 million italians immigrate to the US because they wanted a better economic status, and they knew a War was coming and their country was involved. This generated a liberal movement among the people, US was disturbed on their democracy.
  • Treaty of Bardo

    French protectorate over Tunisia and excludes Italian interests. This affected in the economic part of italy.
  • Triple Alliance

    Agreement between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary to protect each other if other country attacked them.
  • Strike in Italy, violence, conservatives elected.

    Mussolini´s movenment became more powerfull, it grew to around 250000