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    italys timeline

  • Revolutionaries seized rome 1

    The revolutionaries took over rome. setting up an republic governed by Mazzini and 2 other leaders. But with all this their victories didn't last that long
  • Cavour and Napoeon iii secretly met 2

    Cavour and nopeleon iii met secretly to discuss and plan their streadegy against austria so they can have more land
  • Unifacation of italy 5

    lasted from 1858-1870. Italy was finaly a united nation
  • war with austia 3

    in event of cavour doing military preperations austria declared war. Cavour had hoped this was going to happen. Sardinian and French drove austrians out of lambardyand went into venetia.
  • cavour sent to take Garibaldi's troops 4

    Cavour sent in troops to stop Garibaldi because they didn't want him to end up like napoleon.