By tpazas
  • Proclamation of the kingdom of Italy

    Giuseppe Garibaldi led to the fall of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies
  • Third war of Italian Independance

    Italy declares war on the Austrian Empire
  • Italy receives land

    Kingdom of Italy gains Veneto and western Friuli by the Treaty of Vienna.
  • Italy takes Roma

    Italian forces take Roma, which becomes the new capital of Italy the following year. The Italian Army breaks into the walls of Rome throughPorta Pia.
  • Florence

    Florence becomes the new capital of Italy.
  • King Dies

    King Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy, dies
  • Invasion of the Allies

    Italy was invaded by the Allies.
  • Surrender

    Italy surrendered from the fall of Mussolini.
  • End of Hostilities

    Since the fall of Mussolini, Italy became battlefield grounds. Finally, on this day, the hostility in Italy had ended.
  • Ciaculli Massacre

    A bomb intended for the mafia boss Salvatore Greco "Ciaschiteddu" explodes in Ciaculli. this killed seven police and military officers.