Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

By am20670
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    The partition was for the British to divide the Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs didn't like that partition so they attacked the Israelis, but the Israelis won. Then Jerusalem was divided bewteen Jordan and Israel.
  • Six Day War

    The Israelis launched a surpirsed attack on Arabs. Syria, Jordan, and Iraq joined the fight. After the Israelis captred East Jeruselem, and the West Bank from Jordan,
  • Settlements

    THe Israelis created and maintained settlemests withinn their land. The Jewish communties are with the Occupied Territories of the West Bacnk and the Gaza Strip. It is considered illegal but the Israelis believe it's their land so they can do what they want. Thheir land is surrounded by saftey zones, so the Palestinians are not allowed for agriculture and they have roads that the Palestinians aren't allowed to use.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday. On Yom Kippur Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on the Israeli forces and the Golen Heights. Israeli ceased fire when Egypt and Syria have initial gain. Then the Israelis withdrawed parts of Sinai and the Golan Heights.
  • First Arab Nation Recognition

    U.S. president Jimmy Carter brokers peace between Egypt and Israel. Then Eygpt becomes the first Arab Nation to recognize Israel. Israel wtihdraws from the rest of Sinai.
  • Uprising on the Israelis

    The Palestinians began and uprising and started to throw stones at the israelis soldiers.
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    The first suicide attack was on the civillians in Israel.