Israeli/Palestinian Conflic

  • Period: to


    In 1947 the Arbas rejected the partition that the Un voted for. In May 1948 Israel declared independence. Israel defeated the Arabs when they attacted them.
  • Settlements

    The Israelis maintained settlements. They had Jewish communities in the occupied territories. Communities were surrounded with saftey one. Also the Palestinians were not allowed to farm there.
  • Six Day War

    Things had gotten worse when the Arabs and Jews became neighbors. When the Arabs were preparing their army, Israel attacks them with a suprise. The Jews won and had control in more land.
  • Yom Kippur War

    On the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, another suprise attack went in action. Egypt and Syria attacked the Israeli forces. Israel then loses land.
  • Peace

    Peace sign were all over the Horizon. The U.S President Jimmy Carter brokers peace between Egypt and Israel. Egypt became the first Arab nation and Israel takes the Sinai land.
  • Period: to


    Palestinians then attack the Israel soldiers. Then their was a suicide attack on civilians in Israel.