israeli-paletinian conflict

  • zionism

    the zionism tried to find a political solution and wanted to make a jewish state
  • the balfour declaration

    the british minister authur balfour committed to work toward ''the palestine of a national home for the jewish people''
  • UN Partition Plan

    33 countries of the un general assembly voted for the dividing of land 13 voted against 10 abstained.
  • establishment of israel

    when israel was declared five arab armies from jordan, egypt, lebanon, syria, and iraq invaded israel and establish a border
  • the suez campaign 1956

    isreal,france and britain went to war against egypt.isreal defeated egypt and gained more land and a canal but withdrew in the response to the u.s
  • formation of the PLO

    the palestianians created an independent organization by yasser arafat who was gaining notoriety with its aremd opertions againts israel.
  • The Six Day War

    Egypt blockated israeli shipping lanes in the red sea. isreal launched preemtive strikes against egypt.syria and jordan joined the fight
  • the munich olympics

    israel olympic team were taken hostage and killed by the palestitian group
  • the yom kippur war 1973

    the yom kippur the holiest day of the jewish year egypt,iraq,syria and jordan attacked isreal.Isreal managed to push back the attack altought severely outnumbered
  • the camp david accords

    israel and eqypt signed the camp david accords for peace
  • Sadat Assassinated

    Sadat was assassinated by islamist elements.Oposed peace with isrealin nation celebration of the october war
  • the oslo peace process

    trobin and yasser arafat signed the declaration of principles and shake hands
  • jordan-israel peace

    mr.rabin and king hussein of jordan signed a agreemnet end war in the white house
  • Rabin Assassinated

    jewish religious extremist assassinated him on november 4 sending shock waves around the world
  • Arafat returns

    The returning palestinian liberation army deployed in areas vacated by israeli troops.He became head of PA,he was elected president authority in january 1996
  • talks fail, new infifada starts

    yasser arafat was under pressure by barak and us preident bill clinton to aboundon gradual
  • Talks fail, new intifada starts

    2 weeks of talked failed with acceptible solutions to the status of jerusalem.All the conflict made and uprising
  • new president

    us , israel and several countries cut off aid to the palestinians as the islamist movement rejects israel right to exist