Israel History (1945-2000)

By twv2233
  • Division of Region

    The United Nations divided the region into an Arab and a Jewish state.
  • War of Independence

    Israel’s War of Independence
  • Immigration

    Mass immigration from Europe and Arab countries.
  • Establishment of Israel

    The Nation of Israel was established.
  • Israel Admissions to United Nations

    Israel admitted to United Nations as 59th member.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War, Jerusalem reunited.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War; surprise attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria.
  • Peace Treaty

    Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty signed.
  • Operation Peace for Galilee

    Operation Peace for Galilee removes PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) terrorists from Lebanon.
  • Free Trade Agreement

    Free Trade Agreement signed with United States.
  • Mass Immigration

    Start of mass immigration of Jews from former Soviet Union.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm/Gulf War; Iraqi missiles fall on Israel as US pushes Iraqi forces out of Kuwait; Palestinians support Saddam Hussein.