By hazza48
  • start or world war 1

    The Ottomen empire dominated Israel until world war 1
  • Balfour

    The British Government issued a statement in 1917 through the foreign secretary Arthur Balfour
  • World war 1 ends

    World war 1 ends ottomen empire collapses
  • mandate to govern Palestin given to Britan

    Britain was given a mandate to govern Palestine in 1922 by the League of Nations – the fore-runner to the UN.
  • Mandate given up

    Britain was now to give up the mandate over the region. The newly created UN proposed a partition plan for the mandate in 1947.
  • war broke out between Israel and palestine

    The state of Israel was declared and war broke out between the newly created Israel and
  • British withdraw

    The British withdrew from the region in 1948.
  • Israel gained more land

    Under the terms of 1949 Armistice Agreements, Israel gained 18% more land than the original UN proposal and the occupation of the West Bank by Jordan and the Gaza Strip by Egypt.