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Illapa History

  • Period: to

    Global Warming

  • Period: to

    2nd Space Race

  • Early Harmony Founded

    Early Harmony Founded
  • Period: to

    Global Warming Crisis

  • Moon Base Established

  • Colonization of Mars Begins

  • Itokawa-1

    The Japanese Itokawa Expedition leaves for Mars with the Russian Tsiolkovsky.
  • Harmony Bombs Venezuelan Oil fields

    Harmony Bombs Venezuelan Oil fields
  • Period: to

    Harmony Conflicts

    With global warming reaching its zenith, natural disasters erupt around the world. Initially Harmony only cropped up as an ideology preached by small insurrections, similar to common terrorist organizations. However every disaster not only sowed chaos and enimity on globally, thus damaging Harmony's opponents, but also provided Harmony with a fresh batch of recruits. Eventually these small insurrections grew into de-facto nations, which neighbours couldn't deal with due to their own troubles.
  • Babel Industries Founded

    Babel Industries Founded
    Babel industries, a robotics company, was founded in 2097.
    It provided many of the technological brakthroughs of the 22nd century, particularly interesting at a time when scientific seemed to be slowing down.
    Babel was instrumental in the rise of Harmony, especially the more robotics oriented faction. It would later on become renowned for inventing Robots, Mechs and the early CAAD system. However many other technologies could find their roots on theories developed by Babel Scientists.
  • Period: to

    Robot Revolution

    Strides in the domains of computing and robotics eventually lead to the creating of the first robot. However this technology was subverted, leading to the Robot Revolution. The few robots which weren't part of the revolt were swiftly destroyed or captured and hacked.
    Apart from occasional events, such as the deployment of the first mech and the Treaty of Lausanne, much of this time period is shrowded in mystery due to extensive usage of computer viruses destroying most digital records.
  • MS05BZ1 Deployed

    MS05BZ1 Deployed
    The Revolution, formed by a few extremist Harmony Nations, deploys the first Mass-produced "true" Mechs, though they were little more than an oversized exosuit.
    Exoskeletons had already started dominating forested and urban warfare, as such the first task of mechs was to support/destroy these exos.
  • Period: to

    Great Exodus

  • Lausanne Treaty

    Harmony Gains seat in UN Council.
  • Period: to

    Earth Geo-Engineering

  • Discovery of FTL

  • Last Robot Destroyed

    Last Robot Destroyed
    The last robot was destroyed by the Soburin Family in the Battle of Apollo-11, also clearing out the last of the revolution's holdouts (fought close to the original landing site). Though the head of the Family gave his life destroying the enemy Mecha (Artist's Impression attached), the robotic threat was destroyed once and for all.
  • Earth Climate Stabilizes

  • Period: to

    Solar Sphere Expansion

  • Long Range FTL Failure

    An attempt by the Soburin Family to develop a long range FTL drive by taking advantage of a Stars peculiar behaviour ended in total failure.
    To this day the exact failure point is unknown, as the jump appeared to have been accomplished succesfully. However no communication was received back. Despite the immense setback this caused the Soburin Family quickly recovered, in particular with its advances in medical science, despite having seemingly little expertise in it.
  • Outer Colonial Alliance Proclaims Independence

  • Period: to

    OCA - UN/Harmony War

  • Discovery of Anomaly in Illapa

  • Siege of Akasuki

    Siege of Akasuki
    In a surprising turn of events, the 2nd OCA Starfleet besieged the worlds of Akasuki, in what was considered a turning point of the war. The OCA was already at a disadvantage before this stage, however the massive losses incurred would mark the irreversible fall of the rebellion.
    Analysts are confused as to why this target was selected. Some believe due to the Soburin Family's supposed ties with the UN, others due to a personal grudge and yet more beleive the invasion was to recover moral.
  • Illapa Branch Expansion

  • Period: to

    Harmony Distances from UN

    Harmony Families slowly start moving towards the Yllid, Yin and Illapa Branches, distancing themselves from the Sol Sphere Based UN.
  • Creation of the Greater Dodo

    Creation of the Greater Dodo
    Sheila va Silea, a well-known geneticist of the Fleshweavers, a guild working for the Quin-Yan, develops the Greater Dodo. A Safe Megafauna, it perfectly fit for the new rapid terraforming the Toaketchaku developed.
    Thanks to conflicts between the Quin-Yan and Silea the Toaketchaku managed to convince Sheila to marry into the Akai Suisei Family, granting them the gene-modding rights via the proxy of a vassal House.
  • First Ships arrive at Illapa

    First Ships arrive at Illapa
  • Period: to

    Illapa Sector Terraforming

  • Tachkov Incident

    Tachkov Incident
    The Koramov-Class Transport ship Tachkov was assisting the Harmony in Illapa's terraforming project. Its usual route went Ares-1 to the Belt, to Anomaly, to Athena and finally back to Ares.
    However, following one last communication with Ares-1 at 18:52 IST. The ship was considered lost with all hands.
    Incident became a scandal after a tape of the final message to the UN naval officials at Ares-1 clearly showed a vessel in distress, on a busy route. This lead to distrust of UN authorities.
  • Ares-1 converted to O'neil Colony

    Ares-1 converted to O'neil Colony
    In order to provide housing for the increasing Illapa Sector population (Athena terraforming would only finish half a decade later) , the small Ares-1 Station was fully upgraded into an O'neil type space colony. Ares-1 would thus become the principal space station in the Sector, acting as the first stop for most out of system ships. It also started a long-standing tradition to upgrade the hell out of Ares-1 whenever new tech became available, burying old Ares-1 deeper and deeper in the station.
  • Harmony Colonize Heimdallr

    After decades of teraforming, some bribing and lastly just showing up with a big colonial fleet that the UN couldn't deal with, Harmony almost exclusively colonized Heimdallr. Bringing a permanent, and powerfull, outpost for a power which is more than happy to assist in the increasing anti-UN sentiment. The UN becomes increasingly suspicious, and starts consolidating power around Anomaly and Inti.
  • Period: to

    Sector Troubles

    Agitators organize a bombing campaign aginst UN forces across the Ippala Sector.
    Dies down once the Illapa Sector Government is formed. Historians disagree what exactly why. Some state that the Sector government addressed many of the complaints set out by the the terrorists. Others that the new governments massive new military and efficient campaign rooted them out. Finally a few believe that the UN did in fact defeat these forces, but due to past failures was unable to turn it into a PR win.
  • Gishian Hostage Crisis

    A joint op by Belter and Coyllur terrorist results in seizure of the UN governor's personal Destroyer. The hostage takers demanded independ governments for each of their constituents, with a loose political-economic structures linking them as well as full independence from the UN.
    UN Marine corps kills all boarders and rescues msot hostages. Unfortunately Governor Tasha was among the dead. While a short PR boost for the UN, the subsequent lack of leadership would impede them severly.
  • Terrorist Attacks on Athena

    Terrorist Attacks on Athena
    Coordinated Terrorist attacks via mechs, explosives and gunmen occur across Athena.
    Strangely, nobody claimed responsibilty.
    Despite the sheer number of targets, few casualties were reported. Despite admirable handling of the crisis by the UN, it is increasingly facing calls to step down in favour of a sector government.
  • Ares-1 Protest

    Ares-1 Protest
    Following a particularly bad mech terrorist attack, conducted by a belter organization, on Ares-1, mass protests erupt all over the Ares stations.
    This includes the then unfinished Ares-3 Station, stopping all progress on its critical dock infrastucture. Protests ultimatly spread all over the Ilapa System and then became sector-wide (thanks to Harmony encouraging it). This proves to be the final straw that broke the UN's back, leading to the Illapa government a few years later.
  • Period: to

    Modern Illapa Sector

  • Illapa Sector Government Founded

  • Sinking of the Inaros

    The battle for the Inaros, a cargoship redesigned to be a vehicle for coordinating and supporting terrorist attacks, with most of the Belter terrorist leadership on-board is considered to be the final large-scale counter terrorist operation of the Sector Troubles.
    The battle was in actually a long hide-and-seek game culminating in a very one sided (or heroic) last stand by the Belters and their 3 mechs against nearly 10 times as many Illapa forces.
  • Kyōfushō Terraforming Failure

    Kyōfushō Terraforming Failure
    Decades earlier Harmony began terraforming the small planet of Kyōfushō (恐怖症) in Viracocha for human inhabitation.
    Due to unknown deposites of green-house gases in its crust Kyōfushō's Terraforming ended up with a runaway greenhouse effect.
    Despite multiple attempts by Harmony at utilising genemoded insects, spiders and plants, Kyōfushō was declared a failure on 21rst of February 2081.
    Today Kyōfushō is a inhospitable rock with enourmous wildlife and an atmosphere mostly made up of carbon.
  • Ares Exiles Belters

    Ares Exiles Belters
    Despite lack organisation, resentment amongst belters remained, especially against the newly formed Illapan Space Forces. This culminated in an attempt at destroying Ares-3.
    Luckily the attack was easily foiled. In fact analysts even believe it was unlikely to even damage the superstructure. However a leak revealed this plan to the Aresian public, directly leading to Senator Mac Ronald election for his policy of exiling all Belters.
    Appearance of the 07 group on Ares.
  • Last Rust Belt Station Abandoned

    Last Rust Belt Station Abandoned
    Following the increasing devellopment of Coyllur and Vichama in shipbuilding and ressource extraction as well as distinct and lack of support by the Sector government the Rust belt of Illapa became increasingly less profitable.
    Unable to make a ends meet, the stations gradually shut down, it's inhabitants forced to flee. This leads to poverty and loss of of original cultural centers for Belters, who widely blame the Sector government for this.
  • Strange sightings

    Strange sightings
    Reports of strange sightings and rumours start popping up amongst belters. Terrorist activity by unkown actors (Later called Unknown Enemy) surge.
  • Akai Suisei Castle Battle

    Many traditional powerhouses were suspicious of the new faction of Harmony, Akai Suisei or the Red Harmony, rising to power on Haiyang, but most tried to take more stealthy, if futile, approaches to stop them.
    Eventually some Toaketyaku heirs descided it was a smart idea to "show those Haiyang lords who is the boss", by walking 3 mechs into their city. Unfortunately for them, Akai Suisei had their own hothead, resulting in a 3v1 fight in the middle of the city. Luckily nobody ended up hurt.
  • Expedition to Abandoned Terraformer Begins