Invincible by Sherilyn Kenyon

  • PG.139- 165

    This reading is all about school and Nick has a new principal that thinks he is a big hoodllum because of how poor he is and how he doesnt pay attention in school. The chapter ended with his gym teacher sending him off on a secret mission yet to be explained.
  • 19 chapters 420 pages

    Fiction, Adventure 1-47 (47) I read the first three chapters of the book. The first chapter was pretty much a prologues explaining the first book and going over the veents of zombie attacks, Nick almost dying, and waking up to find out he's been hanging out with vampires.
  • pages 47-58

    I read cahpter four i class. Chapter four explained that Kyrian (nicks boss) wasnt a vampire but he was a dark hunter, who are people that hunt down vampires and evil things.
  • pages 58-67

    I read chapter 5. Chapter 5 was kind of just a filler chapter, Nick finally went back to school (after his principal was eaten by zombies) and everyeone at schoole blmaed him.
  • Pg. 67-100

    In this reading Nick and Bubba have to investigate Bubbas store. Somebody broke in and stole a bunch of money and guns. They gets some leads to who they think it might be and he finds vampire fang marks on some of the meat in the back.
  • PG. 100- 139

    After finding the teeth marks kyrian leads them to a secret meeting place of the dark order that he knows of and a big battle breaks out, Nick then learns he has special powers where he is able o raise the dead but he doesnt know how to control it.
  • PG. 139- 175

    In this reading Nick gets a new principla that absolutely hates him because of how poor and how bad he is in school. His gym teacher then sends him ona secret mission which is yet to be explained.
  • Pg. 175- 201

    Nick's gym teacher sent him to go meet a guy named Acheron, Acheron is a immortal who is over 10,000 years old with psycich powers. He then explains to nick that he needs to learn to raise the dead and control it by friday or he and the rest of the world will die.
  • 201-250

    In this reading Acheron, Nick, and Kyrian train together nad nick gets better at controrlling rasing the dead but its teusday and he only has 3 days left, and he needs to have it mastered.