inventions timelines

  • Robert Fulton

    born on November 14, 1765 and died on February 24, 1815. He invented the steamboat in France. Aug. 17, 1807 the steamboat was on its first successful trip. The steamboat allowed transportation on waters and made it easier for people to send supplies to live & news. It also made states faster with the traveling of people. the steamboat impacted america by more working for goods and connected others for town to town and made transportation of goods easier.
  • Eli Whitney

    Cotton Gin - invented in 1794 born on December 8, 1765 and died on January 8, 1825. it was invented in Georgia. As a young boy he liked to work in his father’s workshop taking things apart, like clocks, and putting them back together again. When Eli was young he noticed the trouble the slaves were having picking seed from cotton bolls. The cotton gin got rid of the seeds. the cotton gin impacted america by having more cotton products being used
  • Samuel Slater

    born on June 9, 1768 and died on April 21, 1835. in 1789 he memorized british textile technology and brought it back to america. Where he designed the first texile mills. The mill got main products like cotton, yarn etc. and turned that into clothing. it impacted by demanded more things like cotton and needing more slaves to pick cotton and work the machines in factories.
  • Samuel Morse

    born on April 27, 1791 died on April 2, 1872. invented the Telegraph in Newyork in 1837. the telegraph was like a phone that was faster than letters it was a speaker you talked into and then the other was where you listened. it would take hours. the morse codes came along where sounds made letters which made words. it impacted american on faster news being spread!
  • John Deere

    Created the steel plow. born on Febuary 7, 1804 and died on May 17, 1886. in Grand Detour, Illinois the steel plow was once invented. it allowed plowing on rocky soils and easier than wood plows. it impacted america by allowing us to use more of our own products and producements. it allowed more factories to be in use. Deere found that cast-iron plows were not working well in tough prairie soil of Illinois &remembered the needles tore through easily.
  • The Textile techonology today

    The textile, while other buisnessees' rely on people cutting and creating this by hand U.S. manufacturing has become highly upgraded. it helps and doesnt need people for more than it did back then. it is made for easier and less rely on people work. they both have some human interaction in something.
  • the Telegraph Today

    The telegraph today is known as the 'cell phone'. or iPhone. it is now internet accessability with messages can be sent. it does not take hours it can talk little less than an minute. they both were made for calling people and communication faster.
  • the Steel Plow Today

    the steel plow from today is known as a tractor or another machine. but it has a seat you can sit on and upgradability ten times easier. ofcourse it was made to put less work on our hands. they both are made for work to be less hard on rocky soil.
  • the Steamboat Today

    the steamboat today is a ship today. Which is primarily used with steam power ( steam engine). it is more safe today than it was back then. they still both transport people and goods to other countries.
  • Cotton Gin Today

    A cotton gin is a machine that separates cotton fibers from their seeds fast easy. it could be a job that must be performed painstakingly by hand. The fibers are processed into cotton goods, and the seeds may be used to grow more cotton or to produce cottonseed oil; if they are badly damaged, they are disposed of. That is the cotton gin of today it is made for easier work on cotton both require cotton