Inventions That Changed America (1790 - 1850)

  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Made it easier to produce cotton. Picked out seeds
  • Battery

    The battery is used today in many things. Cars, phones, computers, etc.
  • Ga Lighting

    Ga Lighting
    Lasted longer than wax candles
  • Vapor Compression Refrigerator

    Vapor Compression Refrigerator
    Able to keep food cool and fresh without it going bad
  • Stethoscope

    Huge step forward in the medical world
  • Matches

    Easier to make a fire but also dangerous
  • Typewriter

    Made it easier for people to write papers, documents, books, etc.
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Made it easier and quicker to make clothing
  • Wrench

    Made it easier to build things
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Allowed people to communicate without talking
  • Steel Plow

    Steel Plow
    Sped up farming across Midwest
  • Doughnut

    Who doesn't love doughnuts
  • Safety Pin

    Safety Pin
    Necessary for people with dressrobe malfunctions and diapers