Industrial revolution

Inventions of the Industrial revolution

  • First reliable Steam Engine

    First reliable Steam Engine
    The first reliable steamed engine was very usefull because it was helpfull to the trade and money and the economy.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin
    Ely Whitney invented the cotton gin, a machine for cleaning cotton. This increased cotton production thereby increasing in profit for the south.
  • Steamboat

    The steamboat was created by Robert Fulton. The Steamboats were very imperative to use for transportation and trading goods. The steamboat helped the event called the Louisiana Purchase to occur. The steamboats helped us with our economy.
  • Telegraph

    The Telegraph was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse An electric telegraph is a now outdated communication system that transmitted electric signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message.
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Elias Howe invented the sewing Maching
  • First Airplane

    First Airplane
    The first airplain was made by Orville and Wilbur Wright. This help the way people would transport good to other places. so it was good for trade and money wich helped the economy.
  • Twitter

    Twitter was invinted by Jack Dorsey. Twitter changed the way people would follow there friends or family and even celebretys. In the way they would now wht they were doing were they were at.
  • The Ipad

    The Ipad
    The Ipad was created by team led by Jonathan Ive. The ipad has change the fact that insted of taking your laptop every were u could take something way lighter that what u would normally take.