Inventions in my lifetime

  • Laptop

    Portable computer you can take anywhere
  • Hybrid Cars

    Cars that use other things as fuel than gas, such as electricity.
  • Xbox

    A device to play games on and you can talk to other people online over Xbox
  • Facebook

    Social network where you can post pics, comment on people, and post statuses
  • Wifi built into phones

    Allows you to go on the web where ever you are
  • Wii

    Game station where you have to move to control the game.
  • I phone

    A smart phone with its own wifi, you can download games and apps and talk to other people wth Iphones face to face.
  • I pod touch

    Similar to I phone except you cannot call people and also does not have its own wifi
  • 3D TV

    Screen image appears in 3D, kind of like a movie but for tv shows.
  • I pad

    It is a large i pod, you can download music, playgames, and go on the web