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  • Facebook

    A Social networking service that you can chat with your friends with, you can also play games along with other variety of things.
  • Blu-Ray

    It is used for playback of DVD’s and HDTV recordings, you can watch DVD's in HD along with amazing sound quality
  • Nintendo WIi

    Nintendo WIi
    The Nintendo Wii is a game console made for families to play together, the two “i” represents people playing together.
  • Samsung Galaxy SII

    Samsung Galaxy SII
    This is Samsung’s bestselling Smart Phone so far, it runs Android OS Honeycomb v2.3. It is a device used for gaming phone calling, texting and other amazing applications that you can download from the android market store.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    It is a smartphone used for music, videos, phone calling, messaging and other apps you can download from the App store.
  • iMac

    A apple computer that runs the OSX Leopard machine made by apple
  • iPod touch

    iPod touch
    It is a device used mainly for listening to music, and downloading apps from the App store.
  • PSP 2000

    PSP 2000
    A portable gaming platform made by Sony, PSP stands for Play Station Portable
  • iPad 2

    iPad 2
    A device made by apple, it is the second gen iPad, it can be used for a lot of things like the other devices apple has made, for example, downloading apps from the App store, you can get games, business tools, GPSs and other useful apps.
  • N3DS

    It is a portable gaming device used for mainly playing games. It has add-ons that make the device more interesting.