Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

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    Inventions During The Indusrial Revolution

  • Jethro Tull, Seed Drill

    The seed drill allowed farmers to sow seeds in well-spaced rows at specific depths. In doing such a larger share of the seeds germinated, boosting crop yeilds.
  • John Kay, Flying Shuttle

    John Kay, Flying Shuttle
    The flying shuttle speedily carried thread and yarns back and forth when the weaver pulled the handle. This greatly improved the productivety of weavers.
  • James Hargreaves, Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves, Spinning Jenny
    The spinning jenny dramatically increased the output of spinners by allowing them to keep pace with the weavers.
  • James Watts, Steam Engine

    James Watts, Steam Engine
    The steam engine improved vastily on previous modles by working faster and more efficiently by burning less fuel. Later Watt joined forces with investor Mattew Boulton to create a new steam engine for boat travel for inventor Robert Fulton, running its first trip across the Hudson River in 1807.
  • Sam Crompton, Spinning Mule

    Sam Crompton, Spinning Mule
    A combination of the features of the spinning jenny and the water frame that spun thread that was stronger, finer, and more consistent than earlier spinning machines.
  • Edmund Cartwright, Power Loom

    Edmund Cartwright, Power Loom
    This invention increased the speed of weaving.
  • Eli Whitney, Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney, Cotton Gin
    the cotton gin multiplied the amount of cotton that could be cleaned. With it the cotton production syrocted from 1.5 million pounds in 1790 to 85 million pounds in 1810.
  • Cyrus McCormack, Reaper

    Cyrus McCormack, Reaper
    The reaper boosted American wheat production.
  • Foot Treadle, M. Treadle

    Foot Treadle, M. Treadle
    Th foot peddle improves the sewing machine.
  • Alexander Grahm Bell, Telephone

    Alexander Grahm Bell, Telephone
    The telephone improved upon previos methods of communication by vastly reducing the paper waste of telegrams and letter writing.