Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

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  • Jethro Tull- seed drill

    Jethro Tull- seed drill
    It allowed farmers to sow seeds in well-spaced rows at specific depths.
  • John Kay- flying shuttle

    John Kay- flying shuttle
    A flying shuttle was made to sped back and forth. It had yarn attached that would double the work a weaver would do in one day.
  • James Hargreaves- spinning wheel

    James Hargreaves- spinning wheel
    Was made to keep up with weavers, and it allowed for more thread to spin at a time. It could hold eight threads at a time.
  • James Watt- steam engine

    James Watt- steam engine
    He figured out a way to make it go faster and less fuel being used. The old model was expensive and burned quanities of fuel.
  • Richard Arkwright- water frame

    Richard Arkwright- water frame
    It used water-power to drive the spinning wheel instead of someone doing it by hand. Steam was used.
  • Samuel Crompton- spinning mule

    Samuel Crompton- spinning mule
    It made thread that was stronger, finer, and more consistent.
  • Edmund Cartwright- power loom

    Edmund Cartwright- power loom
    It took place of two machines , spinning and weaving. It helped combine threads.
  • Eli Whitney-cotton gin

    Eli Whitney-cotton gin
    It multiplied the amount of cotton that could be cleaned and cotton production had skyrocketed from 1.5 million pounds to 8 million pounds.
  • George Stephenson- railroad

    George Stephenson- railroad
    Built the first railroad line and it was a success. It allowed manufacturers a cheap way to transport products.
  • Alexander Graham Bell-telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell-telephone
    It improved ways for communitcation.
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