inventions between 1790 and 1850

By Rima ob
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    Eli Whitney was a american manufacturer and mechanical engineer who invented cotton gin. Cotton gin was one of the most significant inventions of the American Industrial Revolution. Back then cotton gin turned cotton into a highly profitable crop.
  • steamboat

    Robert Fulton was an American inventor and engineer who created the first commercially successful steamboat. Robert Fulton's steamboat the Clermont was undoubtedly the pioneer of practical steamboats.
  • the arc lamp

    the arc lamp
    Humphry Davy was the inventor of the arc lamp. The arc lamp was invented in 1809. The arc lamp was the first electric light. This was a big deal in america since it was the first light bulb and mad profit.
  • steam locomotive

    steam locomotive
    The inventor of steam locomotive is George Stephenson. This was the first steam-powered locomotive to run on a railroad. Also the most successful working steam engine that had ever been constructed up to this period. Steam locomotive is an engine for railways.
  • the spectroscope

    the spectroscope
    Joseph von Fraunhofer was the inventor of the spectroscope. The spectroscope was invented in 1814. The spectroscope was created for the chemical analysis of glowing objects.
  • the electromagnet

    the electromagnet
    William Sturgeon was the inventor of the electromagnet. The electromagnet was invented in 1825. The electromagnet was used as components.
  • mechanical reaper

    mechanical reaper
    Cyrus McCormick was a Virginian black smith who invented mechanical reaper in 1831. It was one of the most important inventions in the history of farm innovation. Mechanical reaper was a horse-drawn machine that harvested wheat.
  • the first revolver

    the first revolver
    Samuel Colt invents created the first revolver. The first revolver was invented in 1836. The revolver was a weapon many people had. People bought the revolver to protect themselves.
  • dye

    Englishman John Mercer invented a process to increase the tensile strength and affinity for dyes in cotton thread. John Mercer invented the process to increase the tensile strength and affinity for dyes in cotton thread in 1844. Cotton was a big then back then so it was very successful.
  • The safety pin

    The safety pin
    Walter Hunt invented the safety pin. The first safety pin was created in 1849. The safety pin is used to stick things together and very helpful so it made profit for Walter Hunt.