• Lightning rod

    Lightning rod
    In Boston, Benjamin Franklin was experimenting with electricity when he shocked himself. He then created the lightning rod to replicate the shock. This first expirementing with electricity lead to great electrical inventions, it expanded the possiblilties for invention and by defaul money-making and trade.
  • Steamboat

    The steamboat was invented by James Watt. It helped increase trade up and down the Mississippi River. This helped lower costs and increase trade which stimulated the economy.
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney and it lead to an increased production of cotton and slavery. The cotton was sold overseas and made the US one of the top suppliers of cotton in the world.
  • Lightbulb

    The light bulb was invented as part of an electric lamp by Thomas Edison. He wasn't the first to invent it but his was ale to beat all the others. These lamps made it possible to see better at night, so stores could stay open later and people could be out and about at night.
  • Morse Telegraph

    Morse Telegraph
    Samuel Morse invented the morse telegraph, which increased communication between bussinesses and made it easier to talk overseas. This made made trade easier through this increased connection.
  • telephone

    The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell was the first to sucessfully transmit a sentence, that first sentence was "Watson, come here, I want you" to his partner Thomas Watson. The telephone made communication even easier which made buying and selling goods increase.

    the telephone itself also became an enormous market which expanded the economy.
  • radio

    Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor, sent the first radio signal. Though lots of poeple added to the invention of the radio Marconi was the first to creat a working radio. He then sent a radio signal to the English Channel and 2 years later recieved the telegraphed letter "S", which was the first sucessful transcontinental radiotelegraph. This communication helped increase trade and selling the machines made money.
  • first airplane

    first airplane
    Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first airplane which could transport goods more quickly than trains and cars and boats. This made trade fast and easy.
  • Car

    Invented by Henry Ford, this first Model T car helped to transpot goods which increased trade. The car also lead to the invention of the assembly line which created jobs and made it easier and faster to make cars.