Invention Timeline-Paige Britton

  • Bifocals

    Benjamin Franklin the inventor of Bifocals in 1752.
    1.Bejamin Franklin was born Janurary 17,1706 in Boston Massachutes.
    2.He was born in Pennsylvania hospital. *These are the bifocals they help you see. They help are society today because it helps people that can't see these help them see. There is a mor ehigh tech word today for them its glasses. Even tho there glasses today they both work the same way.
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    Inventions and inventors

  • Cotton gin

    Cotton gin
    Eli Witney inventor of the cotton gin in 1793.
    1.Gin is a short word for engine
    2.The cotton gin is an Insturment to remove the seeds from cotton. *This is a cotton gin is a thing that removes the seeds from cotton when they go to sew it for clothes today. It helps are society today because if we didn't have this mechine today we wouldn't have clothes. If there was a mechine for this then we wouldn't have clothes because if there are seeds in the cotton then it could stop up the mechine.
  • Mechinacal Reaper

    Mechinacal Reaper
    Cyrus McCormick inventor of the mechinacal reaper in 1831.
    1.Cyrus McCormick lived in Viginia.
    2.Cyrus was born 1809 in Rockbridge. *This is a mechine that cuts and gathers crops that are ripe.If we did not have this mechine today then everything would coem to are locale stores slower then what we have today.Everything is a lot mor ehigh tech today but this is where they got the idea from.
  • Morse code

    Morse code
    Sameul Morse invented morse code in 1835.
    1.Morse code was used for a way to talk.
    2.Morse code was invented in the United states. *This is morse code it was a way to communicate. It was kindof like something if you didn't know the code then you didn't know what it said. Some people would like write what they wanted that person to know and they had to know the code to read it.
  • Continuous Sewing mechine

    Continuous Sewing mechine
    Isaac Singer the inventor of the continuous sewing mechine.
    1.Isaac had 2 wifes.
    2.He also lived in Hope. *This is a mechine that sews something to gether when it rips. This help are society today by if are clothes rip we can fix them with out haveing to sew them by hand it is an easier way to sew your clothes.
  • Typewriter

    Christopher Sholes the inventor of the typewriter n 1868.
    1.Most modern keyboards use the qwerty layout.
    2.Christopher sholes died Feburary 17,1890. *This is the typewriter this is for typeing letters are important bussiness letters. It helps are society today by if we didn't have computers then we would us typewriters.
  • Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone in 1876.
    1.November 25 Mabel Hubbard and Alexander got engaged
    2.July 11 Mabel and Alexander got married. *This is the telephone it's inportant because if we didn't have it there would be no way to communicate. It helps are society today because if we didn't have them there would be no way to communicatte in are world today.
  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioner
    Willis Carrier the inventor of the air conditioner in 1902.
    1.Willis was born in New York
    2.He also got married in 1902 *This is a air conditioner we use it to cool are houses down so that were not hot in the summer. This is helping are society today by it helps us cool down so that we don't get really hot and die.
  • Windshield wiper

    Windshield wiper
    Mary Anderson the inventor of the windshield wiper in 1905.
    1.Mary was from Alabama
    2.She was an African American *This is the windshied wipers and we use them to wipe the rain off the windows in are car so that we an see so that we don't cause a car crash. They help are society today by if we didn't have them then we wouldn't be aboul to see when were driveing.
  • Ziper

    Gideon Sundback the inventor of the ziper in 1912.
    1.Gideon lived to be 74 years old
    2.He lived in Sweden *This is the ziper and we use it to zip up are jacket so that we aren't so cold. It helps are society today by if we didn't have them then we would be colder then if we didn't have them.
  • Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven
    Percy Spencer the inventor of the microwave oven in 1954.
    1.Percy was from Maine
    2.His wife was Loise Spencer and his three sons were George,James,and John Spencer *This is the microwave oven and we use it to heat left overs ar anything that is fozen and w eneed it cooled down we use the microwave then are we use it to cook things. It helps are society today because is we didn't have it we would not be aboul to fix somethings and heat things up.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart the inventor of the computer mouse in 1964.
    1.Douglas was focused on makeing the world a better place
    2.He was born in Oregon *This is the computer mouse and we use it to move the pointer around on a computer screen. It helps are society today by if we need to move the pointer then you move the mous eand it move the pointer. It helps are society today by if we didn't have them then it would be point less to use a computer.