Invention Timeline-Krista Crouch

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    Invetion Timeline

  • cotten gin

    cotten gin
    Eli whitney invented it in 1793.
    1.The number of cotten doubled each year with it around.
    2.Eli whitney undertook to tutor children.
    It is important because it has helped us by making cotten faster.It has affected us by helping make more cotten.
  • Bifocals

    Sir Humprhy davy invented it in the early 1800's
    1.Bifocals are prescribed to people with presphobia.
    2. Sir Humphry Davy was an english chemist.
    It is important so that people that need to see two different ways can use them.It has affected us by so that we can see better.
  • mechanical reaper

    mechanical reaper
    Cyrus H. McCormick invented it in 1834.
    1.The mecanical reaper is a machine that cuts and gathers crops when ripe.
    2.Cyrus H. McCormick developed it to cut down more wheat quickly.
    it is important so that we can harvest crops more quickly than using our hands.
  • morse code

    morse code
    Samuel F.B. Morse invented ti in 1835.
    1.It was used during wars to communicate secret messages.
    2.Samuel F.B. Morse had the best that america could offer.
    It is important because it helps blind people they know were hey are going.It has affected us so that it can help blind people.
  • contiuous sewing machine

    contiuous sewing machine
    The continuous sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Elias Howe.
    1.They were invented during the first Revelution.
    2.Elias Howe's father operated a gristmill and a sawmill.
    The invention is the continuous sewing machine.its important so that we can sew someting affected our lives by sewing things faster than with our hands.
  • zipper

    Mr.Whitcomb Judson invented it in 1851.
    1.The mechanical wonder that has kept so much in our lives together.
    2.Mr. Whitcomb Judson first patented invantions for a mechanical movement related to that.
    This is a thing that can keep things like clothes and other fabric together so that it doesn't have to be buttened up and it takes so much shorter to fasten it up.It affected us by beung so that we can fasten stuff alot more quickly in our day today.
  • typewriter

    Christopher Lathom Sholes invented it in 1868.
    1.The evolution of the typewriter is part of the on going human need to communicate.
    2.Christopher Lathom Sholes has been called "Father of the Typewriter.
    It is important because if it wasn't made we wouldn't have computers around.It has affected us by coming into the wolrd by letting us type than write.
  • telephone

    The telephone was invented in 1876 by alexander graham bell.
    1.the old telephones were destroyed when they were taken out of service.
    2.Alexander Graham Bell had been working on the idea of transmitting speech since the age of 18.
    It is important because if we didn't have one we would have to be writing to people in our day.It has affected us by letting us talk to people by not doing any hard work.
  • air conditioning

    air conditioning
    Willis HavilandCarrier invented it in 1902.
    1.Your air conditioning works like your refrigerator.
    2.Willis Haviland Carrier's work was not simply theoretiacal.
    It is something that can heat up our house or cool it down.It affected us by so that we can keep our house cool and warm during certain weathers.
  • windshield wipers

    windshield wipers
    Mary anderson invented it in 1903.
    1.There are many different styles of wndshield wipers.
    2.Mary anderson noticed that people had to open their front window to see out during different kinds of weather conditions.
    It is something that we can use to cleant our affected us by coming in and cleaning the suface of the windshield so that we can get it clean.
  • microwave oven

    microwave oven
    Dr. Percy Spencer invented it in the 1946. busy individuals and families time and effort when cooking.
    2.Dr. Percy Spencer's mother left him shortly after his dad died.
    It is something that we can use to heat something up so that we can eat it affected us today by helping us with our food so that we can cook it again the very next day.
  • computer mouse

    computer mouse
    Douglas Englebart invented it in 1964.
    1.There are different types of computer mouses.
    2.Douglas Englebart is of german,swedish and norwegian descent.
    It is something that we can use to get the mouse on the computer to move on it.It affected us today so that we can use the computer better.