Invention of Techology

  • Radio

    Picks up signals and lets us listen to the news. It works by picking up transitions.
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    The Invention of Technology

  • Torch

    Used to shine light in dark areas, helps us humans to look around.
  • apple os

    apple os
    Steve jobs is now one of the world’s richest men after inventing various devices for Apple.
  • Play station

    Play station
    Play station is also a new gaming device designed for leisure activities.

    Skype is a program you can use to voice chat while getting a picture of someone, it is useful for overseas calls, not costing a single penny. Invented in Sweden.
  • Android

    Android is a software company famous for inventing new touch screen phones. Rivals with Apple.
  • X box

    X box
    The x box 360 is a teenager gaming device and console. You can play many different games on it anytime of the day. So far the best selling game was call of duty black ops.
  • Wii

    The Wii is the first gaming console that you can control by using a remote censor. You play video games on it and many other stuff.
  • ipad

    A large touch screen computer with no keys or mouse basically. It is able to store you with music and photos.
  • iphone 4th generation

    iphone 4th generation
    A touch screen mobile device, with extra uses. Such as downloadable games and apps. The new phone also includes two HD cameras on both sides.