Internet History

  • Formation of the World Wide Web

    The internet was packet-switching networks broken up from transmitted data to smaller data and sent where it can be worked on and put together by who ever wants to work on the data. Around the same time that the internet was being thought of the size of the computers that were being put to use were just prototypes and really strange looking
  • First packet-switching networks

    The first packet-switching network that was being worked on and upgraded as much as possible was in Europe. NPC was replaced by the U.S Department Of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency. NPC was used for connecting to other computers that use Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol.
  • Putting the Technology to Use

    Eventually the first large scale Internet was made, the United States Military was using the technology at the time in order for them to know if another country was planning an attack on the U.S and if it were to be attacked in a part of the system, the U.S military will still be able to launch their own attack using a totally different part of the system.
  • Educational and experimental uses

    Through the 70's and 80's the ARPANET system became more popular and was starting to be used by U.S for experimental and educational uses. Emails were used around that time as well.

    Was used for transmitting and sharing information and discussing, for freedom of speech, the restrictions on taboo subjects like recreational drugs were avoided by independent people setting up their own servers and hosting discussions there instead of on the main ARPANET server, which at that time was restricted. Since then, they created a system called the NNTP (Net News Transfer Protocol).
  • Introduction of personal computer

    Many people were attracted to the personal computer. As the personal computer got popular by the day people used their email to participate in discussions on several different topics on networks like Usenet, Bitnet, and Fidonet which were all put together at one point. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was introduced in 1988 and groups were formed in a chat room.
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

    Chat rooms where people can discuss everything about anything, mainly making forums of many different topics.
  • World wide web is officially introduced

    The world wide web was developed by Mr. Tim Berners-Lee
  • Competition

    It was around 1995 when the first large ISPs like AOL and CompuServe began offering Internet access to the masses. Technology like Sun's Java and search engines The somewhat legendary browser war was in full swing between Netscape and Microsoft, with new browser releases coming every month.
  • As the internet grows

    Technology has improved throughout the years, and the web is regarded a great tool for education, business and entertainment.