Internet Evolution

  • Internet Started

    Internet Evolution Internet started for only government uses.
  • Internet started world-wide

    Internet started world-wide
    This is when the internet spread world-wide not only for governtment uses
  • Wireless and High-speed internet

    Wireless and High-speed internet
    This is when the wireless and high-speed internet started
  • First Crime commited

    First Crime commited
    The European Council arrests someone for the first committed crime over the internet.
  • Distributing Copyright

    Distributing Copyright
    The RIAA sues 261 individuals for allegedly distributing copyright music files over peer-to-peer networks
  • Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging
    Five billion messages per day, the e-mail generates 400,000 terabytes of new information every year
  • Google Starts

    Google Starts
    Google company starts worldwide
  • Youtube Starts

    Youtube Starts
    When youtube launches all the problems start like cyberbulling, inappropriate videos, hackers, and more.
  • Many Web Sites

     Many Web Sites
    There are 92 billion web sites
  • iTunes Downloads

    iTunes Downloads
    iTunes has one billion downloads