International Studies: Serbia

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  • UN General Assembly unaniamously calls for dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo

    Serbia still does not recognize Kosovo's independence, but by adopting this resolution "has in effect given up its diplomatic fight for Kosovo" (Mark Lowen, BBC News, Belgrade)
  • Korsovo's President Resigns

    After violating the constitution by holding office and leading his party at the same time, Fatmir Sejdiu resigns from office. He was Kosovo's first president after succeding from Serbia in 2008.
  • Serbian bid to Join EU gets new Momentum

    EU governments ask Europen Unior to give Serbia's bid to join the EU another look
  • Serbia tries to Capture Fugitives

    Serbia announces they have increased the reward for capturing Gen Mldic, accused for Genocide after leading Bosnian Serb forces 1992-95
  • Earthquake in Central Serbia

    A moderate earthquake has hit central Serbia, killing two people and injuring at least 50 others.
  • Flood inteh Balkans

    Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro have declared flood emergencies after heavy rain pushed the River Drina to its highest level in 100 years. Hundreds of people have had to be evacuated from areas close to the river, which runs along the three states' borders. In Ljubovija in western Serbia, 50 homes and one motel have already flooded while a further 300 homes and 1,400 residents in nearby areas are also threatened.
  • Historic Kosovo Election

    Kosovo is holding its first parliamentary election since unilaterally declaring independence from Serbia almost three years ago.
  • Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic of Montenegro resigns

    Montenegro's Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, the longest-serving leader in the Balkans, has resigned.
  • Serbian football fans arrested for 2009 murder

    A Serbian court has jailed 14 football hooligans for up to 35 years for the 2009 murder of a French fan in the capital, Belgrade.
  • Srebrenica war crimes suspect Milorad Momic arrested in France

    A former Serbian paramilitary suspected of taking part in the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia in 1995 has been arrested in south-eastern France.
  • 55,000 protest for early government elections in Belgrade

    The Serbian capital Belgrade has seen its biggest anti-government protest in years as thousands of disenchanted Serbs demanded early elections.
  • Serbia's opposition leader joins anti-government protest with hunger strike

    Opposition leader Tomislav Nikolic told the crowd he was going on hunger strike until an election was called, thus joining the tens of thousands of anti-government protesters that have massed in Belgrade to call for early elections.
  • Measles Outbreak Across Europe

    A measles outbreakis spreading across Europe, affecting France, Belgium, Germany and Romania - and now the UK. Other significant outbreaks are taking place in Serbia, Spain, Macedonia and Turkey, the World Health Organization says. This hinders the WHO's claim that the Measles will be extinct in 2015.
  • Ratko Mladic arrested

    Former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic, accused of war crimes and genocide, is arrested.