Industrialization Timeline

  • Jethro Tull invents the seed drill

    Jethro Tull invents the seed drill. The seed drill revolutionized agriculture, more seeds took hold, increasing the crop yield by much
  • John Kay invents flying shuttle

    John Kay invented the flying shuttle which made it so that the shuttle on the cloth making machine would not have to be manually pushed, and instead would automaticall be moved bath and forth. This increased effectiveness dramatically
  • James Watt builds the first steam engine

    James Watt, who was a mathematical instrument maker, figured out how to make the steam engine practical by makiing it work faster with less fuel, He was backed by the entreprenuer Matthew Boulton
  • Marx and Engels publish The Communist Manifesto

    Marx and Engel were two friends who went drinking together and discussed politics when they came up with the idea of Communism which they believed would create a Utopia
  • U.S. Civil War ends; US experiences technological boom

    A wealth of natural resources, a burst of inventions, and a swelling population gave the United States the drive that it needed to emerge from the civil war as a technolological power
  • Germany becomes dominant industrial power in Europe

    The Germans sent their children to English schools and imported English equipment and Engineers. They also built railroads that linked important manufacturing cities.
  • British Unions win the right to strike

    British trade unions won the right to strike and picket peacefully in 1875 and had a memebership of about 1 million people.