Steamboat willie 2972


  • James Watt patents a Steam Engine

    James Watt patents a Steam Engine
    Scotsman James Watt patented a better version of steam engine. Impact: Steam engines become personalized, sparking competitiog between people to create better engines.
  • John Fitch on Delaware River

    John Fitch on Delaware River
    This was the first successful trial of a forty-five-foot steamboat on the Delaware River. Impact: Steam engine boats prove to be powerful, innovative technologies.
  • United States very first steamboat patent

    United States very first steamboat patent
    The very first patent for a steamboat from the United States was issued to Isaac Briggs & William Longstreet Impact: Steam boat technology spreads across the world and people become familiar with Steam power.
  • Scheduled Steamboats

    Scheduled Steamboats
    Fitch istarted the first scheduled steamboat service ever. It ran up the Delaware River. Impact: Steamboats used commercially can now be counted on whenever they are scheduled.
  • John Fitch granted a patent

    John Fitch granted a patent
    John Fitch was granted his first US patent on a steamboat, after a feud between himself and James Rumsey. They both had similar designs of steamboats. Impact: People create unique steamboats, competing with each other to create a better steamboat.
  • Robert Fulton "father of steam navigation"

    Robert Fulton "father of steam navigation"
    Robert Fulton created his first steamboat after Fitch's death. His steamboat, Clermont, traveled from New York to Albany at an average of 5 miles per hour. Impact: Steamboats used commercially, goods could be shipped at a much faster pace, economics will rise.
  • Passengers on Steamboats

    Passengers on Steamboats
    Fulton's steamboat began regular passenger service on September 4, 1807. It took 36 hours to go from New York to Albany.
  • Fulton's Steamboat

    Fulton's Steamboat
    First steamboat on the Ohio River. Impact: Steamboats are being used in many new places, overall spread of steamboats.
  • Henry Miller Shreve

    Henry Miller Shreve
    Henry Miller Shreve launched his steamboat Washington from New Orleans to Louisville, Kentucky in a matter of 25 days. Impact: Steamboat shipping progresses and trade can become much faster, faster then ever.
  • The Independance

    The Independance
    The Independance was the first steamboat to navigate the Missouri and move up the waters. Impact: Steamboats begin to take people and goods up the Missouri river.
  • SS Great Britain

    SS Great Britain
    The first iron hulled, propeller driven steamship is launched. Impact: Steamboats are strong are keep progressing.
  • Regular Steamboat Service

    Regular Steamboat Service
    Regular steamboat service from the west to the east coast of the United States begins with the arrival of the SS ''California'' in San Francisco Bay. The ''California'' left New York Harbor on October 6, 1848, rounded Cape Horn at the tip of South America, and arrived at San Francisco, California after the 4 month 21 day journey. Impact: Although the journey was longer, shipping goods was much faster from east to west of the US now.
  • St. Louis Fire

    St. Louis Fire
    The St. Louis Fire started when a steamboat caught fire and nearly burned down the entire city. Impact: Although steamboats have proven to be great, they can cause great danger.
  • Grand Excursion

    Grand Excursion
    The Grand Excursion takes prominent Eastern U.S. inhabitants from Chicago, Illinois to Rock Island, Illinois by railroad, then up the Mississippi River to St. Paul, Minnesota by steamboat. Impact: People use steamboats as a way to travel now.
  • Steamboat Explosion

    Steamboat Explosion
    The steamboat ''Sultana'', carrying 2,300 passengers, explodes and sinks in the Mississippi River, killing 1,700, most of whom were Union survivors of the Andersonville Prison. Impact: Devistation occurs when steamboat technologies go wrong.
  • Trains surpass Steamboats :[

    Trains surpass Steamboats :[
    Once trains adopted steam power, they began to flourish. Trains now became the number one transporter of goods and passengers. Impact: Trains grow more popular, steamengines are used on land now and prove to be successful.
  • Permanent US vessels

    Permanent US vessels
    The steamboat "Georgeanna" was permanently enrolled as a United States vessel, at Philadelphia, along with the steamboat "Chauncey Vibbardwas".
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    Steam powered cranes and winches help build the Panama canal. Impact: Panama Canal leads to even faster, more efficient shipping across the US.
  • Tom Lee

    Tom Lee
    Tom Lee rescues 32 people from the sinking ''M.E. Norman'' steamboat. Impact: Tom Lee becomes a hero in Memphis, as he save 32 people from the sinking disaster.
  • Steamboat Willy

    Steamboat Willy
    Steamboat Willy was a black and white short cartoon. Impact: Television is used for entertainment. Walt Disney!