Industrial Growth/ Modernization US & Argentina

By tferla3
  • US- Corporations are legal

    US- Corporations are legal
    The Supreme Court legally defines corporations even if privately owned
    -RESULT: people begin to invest in companies
  • US- steam engine increase

    US- steam engine increase
    As the amount of steam engines in the US factories increased, companies like textile mills were able to produce more goods.
    -CAUSE: technological advancement faster and efficient production
    -RESULT: need for more workers ( women) for simple jobs; rise in business
  • US- production growth= new means of transportation

    As consumer goods production only increased, transportation for these goods needed to be quicker and more efficient.
    CAUSE: production output growing
    RESULT: railroad construction to connect major industrial areas; more $ towards canal and rarilroad construction
  • Rockefeller's Standard Oil Co.

    Home grown oil helped US save $ and rise to largest industrial power
    CAUSE: co. neede a lot of fuel to produce goods
    RESULT: #1 manufacturer
  • South's Post Civil War Income

    After civil war, farmers had small labor force and turned to industrialization to make up for lost land and income.
    RESULT: Rise of business and corps. in south
  • Pampas and wool increase (Argentina)

    demand for agricutural goods increases.
    CAUSE: Britian invests in export market to obtain these natural resources
    RESULT: increased yield in grain
  • Steel MIll Industrial Boom

    As steel became more readily available in the North, buildings equipment and transportation were being made at a cheaper cost.
    CAUSE: steel mills increased
    RESULT: migration to industrial cities; large wave of labor force; need more workers introducing women to workforce
  • Immigration Wave

    Lasting from the 1880's-1900's a wave of immigrants flooded the country. Most of them settling in the urban areas a large labor force was available.
    RESULT: business owners pay less but produce more with increased # of workers and longer hours
  • Immigrant Wave ARGENTINA

    Europeans seek refuge in Argentina in hopes of freedom and fleeing persecution.
    CAUSE: WW1
    RESULT: immigrants= more workers
  • Immigrants and Production

    Production increasing
    CAUSE: so many working immigrant farmers
    RESULT: regionalism and territorial fragmentation
  • Railroads argentina

    CAUSE; goods are in high demand and must be shipped quicker
    RESULTS: railroads connected to pampas (farmland), railroad construction growing
  • Women, Black, and Immigrant workers

    Union started to become more popular as these workers were treated unfairly (ie. low pay, long hours,etc)
    CAUSE: population growth
    RESULT: labor reforms
  • limited industrial growth ARGENTINA

    Argentina's economy solely dependent on exports. Industrial growth is limited because of the export economy (not much need for assembly lines and factories when goods are grown)
    CAUSE: industrial farmers and Britain's need of natural resources
    RESULT: develop dependency on Britain purchasin goods
  • Assembly line created

    Thank you Henry Ford (creator)!
    CAUSE: needed products to be made more efficiently due to high demands
    RESULT: good tr usts/ bad trusts situation