• Sukarno

    Indonesia's first president was born.
  • Indonesian Communist Party

    The Indonesian Communist Party was founded.
  • Influences

    Sukarno and the Nationalist Party blended Japanese, western, and socialist influences.
  • Japan Invades

    Japan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Dutch East Indies (later Indonesia).;
  • Declare Independence

    The Nationalist Party and Sukarno declare independence from the Netherlands right after the Japanese are defeated in WW2.
  • Official Independence

    The Dutch officially give Indonesia independence, but the Dutch resisted and four years of fighting followed.
  • President Sukarno

    Sukarno is declared president of Indonesia.
  • UN

    Indonesia was admitted into the UN.
  • President for Life

    Sukarno declares himself president for life, and he gets rid of the parliamentary form of government.
  • Indonesia and the UN

    Indonesia became the first country to drop out of the UN. They did this because the refused the seating of their enemy nation Malaysia in the UN.
  • General Suharto

    General Suharto takes control from president Sukarno.
  • Back in the UN

    Indonesia comes back the the UN and shortly after signs a peace treaty with Malaysia.
  • President Suharto

    President Sukarno was placed under house arrest, and Suharno became acting president.
  • Population

    Indonesia's population is about 237 million
  • Crocodile

    A crocodile swallows a ten year old in Eastern Indonesia.