importint events in ancient Geece

  • 146

    BCE Romans control all the Greek city states. They defeat Carthage and control the Mediterranean.

    This is important because it meant the begining of the roman empire.
  • 270

    BCE Romans control all of Itally.

    This is important because it mant that after so many conflicts the romans were in charge.
  • 313

    Emperor Constantine makes Christan

  • 335

    BCE: alexander the great, king of macedonia, defeats athens, Thebes, and the Greek city-states, and extends his power throughout the Persain Empire and into India. he spreads Greek or "Hellenistic" culrure throuhout the region, but most of the Greek city-

    this is im portant because it waas the start of the Persian Empire
  • 400


    Hippo crates was known as the father of medicine due to his contributions. It is important becausehe establishesd medicine as its own profession.
  • 460

    429 BCE

    Pericles influenced Athens by promoting arts and literature making it a cultural centre of the ancient greek world. It is important because it made the city beautiful and gave people work.
  • 505

    BCE: Cleisthenes establishes the first democratic constitution (a set of law to define and limit the government's power). Free speech and political involement is extended to all Greek citizens.

    this is important because it alowed evry citizen to have the freedomre of speech.
  • 507


    The Athenian democracy developed in Athens. Athens is one of the first known democracies. It was a political system where people voted on the legislatin directly. It was important bevause the opinion of people mattered.
  • May 7, 621

    BCE: athens develops a written code of laws.

    this is important because it is the first written laws in athens. laws are important because they keep people in line.
  • May 31, 753

    BCE Romulus and Remus found the city of rome, according to legend.

    this is important bacause it mant that it was the begining of rome.
  • Jan 1, 776


    The first Olympic Games on record took place in Olympia. It was in the beautiful region of Elias. Only male Greek citizens who were never accused of murder or religious violation were allowed to participate. The Olympic games were important as people from all over Greece gathered for this festival. It was a chance to sell goods, recite poems for money, make business deals
  • BCE approximat date of the birth of Jesus Christ

    This is important because the way that we mesuer time used to be bc (befor Christ) and ad (after death).
  • Conquest of Britain by Rome

    This is important because it meant that the roman empier was becoming larger and stronger.
  • Roman colosseum was built

    This is important because i meant free entertainment for all people. It was also a way for the rule of rome to keep his/her popularity.
  • to 126 Roman pentheon is built

    This is important because it was built to be a place of worship and it is the only buildingin rome that is that old and still copletly intacted, it is now a church.
  • BCE

    The Battle of Marathon occurred just north of Athens on Greck land.The persians and greeks were involved. This is important because it stopped the persians from continuing to expand their empire.
  • 700BCE

    The blind poet Homer influenced Greek culture by his poems Illiad and the Odyssey. This is important because it influenced not only literouture but ethics and morality too.
  • BCE: sparta develops the first code of greek written law to govern its military city-state

    this is important because it was the first set of laws made in sparta and laws keep people in line.
  • BCE

    Plato's influence was on the Athenian democracy. He felt only a few were fit to rule. He also opened the Academy of lenrning. This is important because it was the first institution of higher learning in the western world.
  • to 559 BCE: solon becomes sole ruler in athens and makes reforms to government. the poorer classes are included in making government decisions through an elected council, and many people are freed from slavery due to debts.

    this is important because it freed the slaves from being slaves so they can be people and vote.