Important Things Timeline

  • I made my first true friends

    I made my first true friends
    At Age 6, I met two of my bestfriends Madison Barclay and Hope Walker.
  • I started playing soccer.

    This was a very important event in my life becasue it was the first time i was actually on a team and it was doing a sport i loved and i continue to play til this day.
  • My neice was born.

    My neice was born.
    This day meant the world to me. She was born on September 17, & my birthday was September 18.
  • i started to cheerlead.

    i started to cheerlead.
    This event was great because my first year cheering i got scouted to join an All-Star team.
  • I got straight A's.

    I got straight A's.
    this was a once in a life time thing and i can actually say i did this.