Important Things From 1600-1699

  • Period: to


  • English East India Company was Established

  • The Thirty Years War Starts

  • Aurangzeb Started to Rule Idia

  • The House of Burgesses Established

  • The Long Parliment was made.

    Was controlled by the puritans.
  • The Thirty Years War Ends

  • The Peace of Westphalia Signed

  • The Rump Parliment was Established

  • Act of Toleration

  • The Navigational Act of 1650 was created

    English law that made comertial war with the Dutch.
  • The Intrument of Government

  • The Habeas Corpus Act was Made

  • Peter the Great Started to Rule Over Russia

  • The Glorius Revolution Starts

  • The Nine Year Wars Starts

  • Glorius Revolution Ends

  • Peter the Greats Rule Ends

  • The Nine Year Wars Ends

  • Aurangzeb's Rule Ends

  • Bill of Rights