Important event of my life

By jahan
  • Where I bron

    Where I bron
    I bron in bangladesh at bhola
  • Sad day of my life

    I lose my gradfather.he died this day
  • Frist day of school

    I went my kindergarten school with my father.Those day I was afraid
  • my younger sister bron

    This day my cute younger sister cames this earth.
  • my graduation day of my life

    This day I pass my 5th grade and my mom bring for me a lovely dress
  • my high school

    I admited in my high school.I don,t like like my high,s one kind of boring for me because my best choose another school.
  • when I went Embassy of u.s.a in bangladesh.

    This day is realy important of my life.because frist day I got my visa of u.s.a
  • Journey of aeroplane

    When I left in bangladesh for reached in u.s.a by traveled in plane,at this time I felt so excited.
  • When I Saw my mom in the airport

    I can,t control my tears.It,s automatically comes out because a long time later I saw my mom
  • Admision of BIHS

    I admited in B.I.h.s.Frist day for a few moment I fill so fear inside.
  • Happy moment

    I pass 9th grade and I goes 10th,I feel so happy about this