Important Dates during the Cold War

  • Konrad Adenauer

    Konrad Adenauer had been elected as the first Chancellor of the new Federal Republic; within a month Willian Pieck had become president of the German democratic rupublic in East Germany.
  • Cubans

    The first to raise the flag protest was Fidel castro, a young lawyer who offered Cubans the chance to change their lives, to restore thier dignity and break free of US control.
  • Bomb explosion

    A bomb expolded on American waters, its strength had been unestimated, the force was 3 times larger than expected. USA devoloped this bomb
  • Radio Bleeps

    Radio Bleeps brodast by this transmitter shook the world as they were transmitted thorough outter space.
  • Bombs

    The amount of bombs that the the US had were tremdendous, and they far outweighed-at one point, the Soviet Unions bombs and weapons.
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Prestident of the United States of America had been inaugurated- JFK.
  • Operation Mongoose

    A convert operation programme to overthrow Castro, was initiated by the CIA with full presidental knowledge and support
  • Peace Camp

    Estimated 30,000 people linked hands around the base of the protest. Permanet vigil
  • Hydrogen Bombs

    A B-52 refuelling in mid-air collided with the tanker, Four hydrogen bombs fell to earth near the village of Paomares in Spain. But no explosions.
  • Missile

    The MX missile, which was also known rather ironically as a "peace keeper" missile, These have been under development since 1971
  • Financial issues

    The Soviets were afraid they would not be able to match the American programme for purely financial reasons
  • Mikhail Gorbachev

    Age 54 was elected unanimously by the Politburo, and new general needed for the USSR
  • Gorbachev

    Agreed to the elimination of all Soviet and American and intermediate-range neuclear missiles in Europe. (Treaty)
  • United Nations General Assembly

    Cut 500,000 men in the Soviet armed forces, the removal of 10,000 tanks, 8,500 artillery pieces and 800 combat aircraft