Imperialism Timeline

  • European trade with Africa becomes well established

    In 1850, the Europeans had established a solid system of trade with the Africans. The untapped supply of raw materials in Africa would be invaluable to advancing any European country's own industrial revolution. This also was in their favor because it allowed them to begin the process of extending their empires and would convert many Africans to Christianity
  • East India Company Collapses due to the Sepoy Mutiny

    Due to the combined religious and cultural oppression, poor governing and failure to create a efficient economy by the east india company, The Sepoy rebelled, and the rebellion spread, bringing in the British Raj.
  • Suez Canal links the Mediterranean and Red Seas

    The Suez Canal is and artificial sea level waterway in Egypt, and was the fastest way to get from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea in the times before planes. It creation was attempted by many Egyption kings and wasn't completed until Napoleon discovered it and did so.
  • Berlin Conference convenes to discuss terms for African colonization

    Many European nations worried that war would spark amongst themselves if they let the scramble for Africa go on unregulated. The Berlin Conferance was held to divide up Africa for colonization there were several regulations put in place to ensure that the country in the act of colonizing would actually have the power to maintain the vassal state.
  • Queen Liliuokalani takes the throne of Hawaii

    The king of Hawaii attempted to stir the natives of Hawaii to drive out the sugar plantation owners who seemed to run the island. This was not reacted to well by the plantation owners and the U.S. and the king was dethroned and died as a drunk on a cruise. This opened the way for Queen Liliuokalani who attempted a similar feat and ended up even worse.
  • Ethiopians defeat the invading Italians at the Battle of Adwa

    Ethiopia was one of the very few African nations to be able to oust their European colonizer. This was largely due to their king, Menelik the Second. Prior to this, Menelik had actually signed a treaty with Italy, but he decided to go against the treaty because he discovered they had changed the treaty. He then proceeded to fight the Italians and defeated them in thee Battle of Adowa, he then stockpiled weapons to ensure his country would be safe in the future.
  • Spanish-American War breaks out; Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Philippines taken from Spain

    In 1898 Spain and the U.S. engaged in a war which was a result of the U.S. getting involved in the Cuban War of Independence after 2 reporters instigated the American public into becoming apalled at reported atrocities by the spanish. The superior navy of the U.S. proved to be too much for the Spanish and they aquired Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Phillipines.
  • Boer War in South America

    The Boers(Dutch) claimed south Africa and started growing various crops. They became attached to the land and considered themselves to be one of the land's people, calling themselves the Afrikaners. The English wanted the Cape of Good Hope and started too establish their rule in Cape Colony. Following this, a war with the Boers over the land and slave policies ensued. The Boers lost and went on the "Great Trek.
  • Most of Africa is under European control

    With the use of superior weaponry and their diseases sweaping Africa the Europeans gain control of most of Africa less than fairly.