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  • Europe Takes Over Africa

    Mid 1800s, European forces tookover Africa, in search of more land
  • Boers Move North/ Great Trek

    in order to escape the Bristish, thousands of Boers moved north. They eventually fought the Zulus and other African tribes in order to gain land.
  • Crimean War Breaks Out

    Russians and Ottoman fought n the Crimean war. Britain and France wanted to prevent Russians from athering control.
  • Persia Gives up land to the British

    Persia was forced to give up all claims to Afghanistan
  • Gold and Diamonds Were Discovered

    diamonds and gold were discovered in southern Africa
  • Henry Stanley Signs Treaties With Africans

    Stanley signed a treaty which gave King Leopold II personal control of African lands.
  • The Berlin Conference

    Competiton was fierce for the African land, so 14 European nations met at the berlin conference to make rules on the division of Africa.
  • The Berlin Conference ends

    The conference helped them agree that they could claim land in Africa by showing the other nations that they have the land under control.
  • British Invaders Take Over Zulu Land

    Shaka's successors were unable to keep the Zulu Land to themselves, and was taken over
  • Russia and Britain takes over Persia

    Russia and Britain took over the country