Immigration Westward Expansion Timeline

  • My Family and I Decide to Move to America

    With a war hung over our heads and poverty weighting on our shoulders, I mentioned the thought of moving to America to the rest of my family. My husband had already gotten a green card for a job, which was pretty much a free ticket in my mind saying, "Come to America." There was free land, and the lots were a lot bigger than here in China, and there would be better education for my children. After a long talk, we finally decided it would be best to move to America.
  • Period: to

    Sarah's Timespan as she Moves from China to America

  • Arriving in America

    Finally! After 18 nasty days at sea, my family and I finally made it to America. I was so happy. Loading off of the ship was a hastle and many people were moving about. Setting down my bags for a minute or two, I grabbed my children and my husband and my arms and yelled, "WE MADE IT!" Looking back to grab our bags, I found that there was only one sitting there. The silverware and china was gone! What was I going to do? Now I had nothing.
  • Moving West

    After spending a couple of years in New York, my family and I decided to moce West to California. We heard that there was better land there that would be best for farming, and there were better oppertunities for jobs. Taking the risk, we headed out to America.
  • Jobs and Housing

    Arriving in California, we had to get jobs right away. I started working at a henhouse plucking the feathers off of chickens, and my husband went to work on the railroad. We also found a nice schoolhouse for our children, and figured we needed to find land neer. The lot of land we eventually got was smaller than we expected but we were happy we had our land.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act

    My family and I were dpoing great with our land by now and we were all settled in, but the Chinese Exclusion Act was preventing immigrants from Asia and China to come to America because of their race. Many people on horses came through our town looking for illegal immigrants, but we would hide in our childrens schoolhouse so that we would not be found.
  • Drought

    While our community was finally relaxed, a drought came, and there was absolutely no rain at all. All of our crops died and we had to start over. Most of those crops would be our food before the winter set in.
  • Death

    After becoming very ill, I died when 64. Luckily, my children and my husband were able to attend my funeral. I died knowing that I paved a great path for my children to follow, and I couldnt wait for them to be able to experience all of the wonderfdul things i did.