Immigration Timeline

  • getting kicked out of our house

    we were in debt so the government burned down our housewhen i was 13 so we decided we were going to immagrate to the new world. we had nowhere else to go so we decided to immigrate from Italy to the United States.
  • the move

    We are now in the United states and I have to get a job so we can have money to pay for a place to live, my mom is getting sick and now I have to take care of her
  • hope to find medicine

    The move west is going to be a long hard journey but if it means saving my mom then it’s worth it, we will be living with our friend so we won’t have to worry about having jobs, though I would like to have one.
  • the journey

    Now I need to get a job because my mom is not getting better and the doctors don’t think she will survive the sickness, many people have already died from it and she is just another person that won’t survive it.
  • the death of my mom

    The land that we found is not the best but it is going to work for now, we have started to grow crops and they are growing better than we thought they would, we are getting a good amount of money and feel really good about ourselves.
  • farming

    We have to stop farming were we are and it sucks, the land lord gave us a notice that the land we were farming on was already owned by the government and we can’t farm here anymore and all of our crops belong to the government but we do get to keep our cattle.
  • food but no home

    When we go back we will hopefully find an abandoned home of shed that we can stay in through the winter, it will be hard but I think we will be able to do it, the snow has covered the crops and the cattle are cold.
  • goingto Ellis Island

    The ride to Ellis island too a long time and we were in steerage so it was really hard and many people died from starvation and/or sickness.
  • back to where we started

    There isn’t a lot of people left here so it shouldn’t be too hard to find somewhere to stay. But we still have to find food too.
  • found a place to live

    We have a place to live but nobody knows were here, the land is so dry, making it impossible to grow crops and raise cattle.
  • farming is going good

    The rain was just what we needed, our crops are now growing beautifully and the cattle are happy and healthy now that they are eating fresh grass, it’s nice were we are because not a lot of people are here and nobody is taking our crops or cattle.
  • moving back to the city

    Now that we have a steady system going we hope that one day we will have enough money to move back to the city.