Immigrant Journal Timeline

  • My Birthday!

    My Birthday!
    I was born on September 12th,1852, in Dublin, Ireland. My parents left me only minutes after I was born and I was raised by an Indian by the name of, Utah Nevada Shapiro. Life was difficult when I was young, I lived in a hut made of mud and worked in a factory for most of my life. In 1857, I was five when Utah and I were offered the opportunity to move to the United States of America, specifically, Ellis Island.
  • Arrived at Ellis Island!

    Arrived at Ellis Island!
    I arrived in Ellis Island on November 24, 1857. The leaves were falling off the trees, and the wind gusted into my face. Once we arrived we were addressed to our new homes. Our house was in Alfalfa, Marengo County, Alabama. We lived in a one room apartment with the Schweitzer family. The Schweitzer family had 5 different people in it, I made good friends with the youngest boy, Tom (Also known as Boho)
  • Civil War Begins!

    Civil War Begins!
    In 1861 (I was 9 years old) the civil war begun and I was forced into a concentration camp with an Asian by the name of Duck-Hwan Ying Yang. I had minimal amounts of training before I was deployed to fight in the Civil War with Duck. Duck was shot only minutes into the war, he had to have both legs amputated. I then found myself, taking care of both myself in the crucial living conditions, and a motionless man.
  • I finally am employed!

    After multiple years of working in a factory, I finally find myself with a real job. I am a cowboy, and I am traveling with Duck and Utah! Life couldn’t be better at this point. Although being a cowboy is difficult. We must protect our land from the other natives around us, Utah found her family, and Utah is leaving our pack to join her family after multiple years apart. Duck and I are sharing a T.P, we are constantly moving locations and its very difficult not being able to settle in a set plac
  • Titanic!

    I am now 60 years old. I received an offer to aboard the Titanic , but was unable to leave Duck all alone. On April 12th, 1912 the boat in which I was scheduled to sail on sunk and killed thousands of people. One of those people could've been me. On April 13th, I got the news that Utah had passed away at age 108.
  • I died!

    I died on May 21, 1913 due to a brutal horse accident.