Immigrant job train


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    Immigrant journal era

  • My arrival to Angel Island and the U.S.

    My arrival to Angel Island and the U.S.
    I arrived in Angel Island and I knew that my life had changed instantly. Unfortuneatly, it smells and is very crowded. Everyone had to wait in line to get medical exams and given names that were easier to be pronouce. i had to leave my family back in Japan so that they wouldn't be harmed. My friend and I are here to make money to take back to japan and be rich.
  • My first job

    Sacramento, California. Kentaro and I get jobs as the "china men" who made tunnels in the mountains to lay down the tracks for the Transcontinental Railroad. We liked the job because it dangerous and we liked dangerous things, but we hated it because we were called "china men" and we weren't even Chinese. We decided that we would get revenge on them that called us "china men" and we would fine a different job to do for a living.
  • The Breaking Point

    Sacramento, California. Kentaro and I had finally reached our limit. He had been bossed around and bullied for too long. We decided to fight back, like how our ancestors did. Luckily we were able to sneak our family swords past the men on Angel Island. We took our swords dressed in dark clothing and robbed the ones who made fun of us only scaring the ones that saw us, we did not kill them. With what we stole were at least $100 richer if we sold the things stole.
  • A Promise to a Friend

    A Promise to a Friend
    Alameda, California. After 5 years the cops had finally found us and tried to arrest us for what we did. Our lives were great because we continued stole and then head to different cities in California to avoid capture. As we tried to escape one of the officers shot Kentaro...I was devastated. I promised Kentaro as he was dying that I would avenge his death he thank me and then died. I continued to flee with tears in my eyes.
  • My Birthday and Death

    My Birthday and Death
    Some Jail, Texas. This is my final journal entry for today is the day of my execution and the day of my 50th birthday. After so many year the police caught me and beat me I my home with my wife and kids watching in horror. I was sentenced to the death penalty because I had killed over 20 police officers and robbed from over 100 people. At my seat in the electric chair if they ask if I have any last words I will say "I did what I needed to do to have inner peace, Happy Birthday to me."