Illapa Campaign Timeline

  • Party Members arrive on Athena

    Around this time most party members start arriving on Athena
  • Period: to

    Athena Terraformer Arc

  • Stay in Milac

    Stay in Milac
    Party goes to Milac on the Train.
    Find out about 2 terrorists, arrest them and leave early to avoid further involvment.
    Also meet the Athenian governor, Kira Landsknecht, Jessica Schleiden, Chita Trussel, etc.
  • Battle of Milac

    Remaining Terrorists attack Milac.
  • UN Fleet Arrives in Illapa

    UN Fleet Arrives in Illapa
    Huge fleet including a number of large Revil-class Carriers.
    Worries spread as the fleet appears to be mostly military.
  • Forest Ambush

    Forest Ambush
    Party heroically fights off the D-rex (making it almost drown) and defeats the strike team sent at them, capturing Rocketman.
    Rocketman then reveals about a supposed "shadow government run by robots" before being killed by drones. PArty never asks for Rocketman's name.
  • Athena Terraformer Battle

  • Party Departs from Athena

  • Party arrives in Rust Belt

  • Arrival at Ares Cluster

  • Period: to

    Ares Arc

  • Raid on Sinjata

  • Party visits Ares-3

  • Jump Drive Ambush

  • Arrival in the Pacha-Mama PS