Identity Timeline

  • 13th Birthday

    13th Birthday
    This Event was my 13th birthday but it really felt like my 16th birthday, I had a hotel party with all my friends and we played many games, ate and had funnnnn!! It was one of my favorite birthdays.
  • 8th Grade Luncheon

    8th Grade Luncheon
    I will always remember this event because this was my 8th grade luncheon and I was there with all my friends and we had the best time.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    This is one of my most Memorable events because this was My graduation from elementary school and one of the days I'll never forget, I walked across the stage for my first time and It was one of the best days. Can't wait Till high school graduation.
  • Grandma Birthday

    Grandma Birthday
    This Event Is My Favorite because this is the Day we celebrated my Beautiful Granny. The family, my granny and I had the most fun, we cooked, did tiktoks and Just enjoyed eachothers company It was one of the most memorable days ever.
  • Easter

    This Event was one of my favorites because Me and my cousins went downtown and had a picnic for Easter and It was so fun and beautiful and we came home to the rest of the family and had a ball, This was absolutely one of my favorite memories.
  • Cousin Wedding

    Cousin Wedding
    This Event is Memorable because My cousin got married and we had a ball, It was so fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.
  • Cousin Prom and Time with Family

    Cousin Prom and Time with Family
    This Event is Memorable because It was my cousin Prom and I got time to spend with my family and have fun, so I'll forever remember this and cherish this moment.

    I had so much fun this was me and my cousin first time ever getting on a plane so it was a good experience to experience with them and this was our first every vacation out of Illinois besides going to Wisconsin Dells and we literally had SOOOO MUCH FUNNNN!!!!!
  • Cousin Prom

    Cousin Prom
    This event was my cousin prom and everything was beautiful, It was a great day and we had so much fun.
  • My 18th Birthday

    My 18th Birthday
    This was My BIG 18th and I had so much fun thanks to my family and friends, I'll never forget my 18th birthday, I had a blast.