ICT OCR Web design Deadlines

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  • Task 1 & 2 - Folders and Graphic Reviews

    You should have set up your folders and completed your graphic reviews by the 20th Sept. You need to review two of each of the graphics types:
    Advertising Banner
    Navigation Bar Click here to goto task
  • Task 3 & 4 - Design: Audience & Purpose and Site Map

    You need to submit both Task 3 and Task 4 by the 27th Sept. Task 3 - Audience and Purpose
    Explain who your Target audience is and what the purpose of your web-site is. Task 4 - Site Map
    Create a map for your website. This should show ALL of your web-pages and how they all link to each other.
  • Task 5: Design - Graphics Plans

    At the end of this task you will have created a hand drawn plan for each of the graphics you are going to make. These plans will then be used and followed when you create your own graphics in Fireworks. The three graphics that need to be planned are:
    Advertising Banner
    Navigation Buttons
    Navigation Bar
    For each of the graphics you will state what the audience and purpose of the graphic is. You may have already stated this in a previous task but you need to add it to each graphic as well.
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