i-Pods Future~

  • Wrist Watch iPod

    Wrist Watch iPod
    You can listen to music with this watch. It includes everything that the regular iPods have.
  • iTabs

    The iTabs are considered to be pills that makes you relaxed and calm considering to your health.
  • Concept iPod

    Concept iPod
    When you are ready to go to work or where ever you go, you can always get one of these iPod cup holders by drinking your favorite drink and listening to music at the same time!
  • iPod X

    iPod X
    A big screen that helps you hear your music reallly loudly which is the stereo.
  • iPod rejigged as a pen.

    iPod rejigged as a pen.
    This Ipod pen is so easy to use! You can use it a work, anywhere your at, it'll be usefull.
  • iMac

    This iMac looks like a cellphone, but it really isn't one. it contains more things than a regular iPod.
  • iLounge

    On June 21, 2004, as shown in the date above, was the date when they were planning to take the iLounge out. Unfortunately it seems that it still hasn't came out as a new iPod technology,but the resutls will be coming up soon.
  • Apple Logo iPod

    Apple Logo iPod
  • Circular iPod

    Circular iPod
    You can just spin, spin, and spin the wheel! It's a really good iPod to have when your running or simply jogging.