• lifetime of lucy

    alived 4 million years ago. they were bypeds and they had teeths.
  • homohabilis

    alive 2 million years ago. they were bypeds, they had teeths, they had a brain, and the skills to create tools. they can travel as well.
  • homo erectus

    alive 1.8 million years ago. they were bypeds, they had teeths, they had a much bigger brian, skills to create tools , they had fire, and they can travel.
  • homo neanderthalens

    alived 500000 years ago. they were bypeds, they had a big brain, teeths, skills to create tools, fire, rituals,and the ability to travel.
  • homo sapien sapien

    they were bypeds, they had a brain more like us, skills to create better tools, fire, rituals, medical, farming skills, symbols, ability to travel, and they were most likely to live in the modern days.
  • Rise of the Kingdom of Sumer

    The approx date could be 1900 B.C.E
    This is when sumer became the new empire and a new cilvilization that Gilgamesh ruled
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh

    ''Exact date of writing unknown; best copies discovered in a 7th century BCE royal library''
    This epic is base on the adventures that Gilgamesh took and is told over and over to many many many generations
  • Abraham

    Approx. 1900BCE
    This is when Sumer had lost their cilvilization and Abraham took over or his ledgend
  • Hammurabi’s Code

    This happen in the time of 1792-1750 BCE
    Hummurabi's code is base on the people and he once say to find just in all humans especially those who need it the most. He made these rules to protect his people and if not to have these rules his land and family will be curse as what Shamesh said.
  • Joseph goes to Egypt and the Israelites follow

    Approx. 1700-1280 BCE
    Joseph followed God's order and went away
  • Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and the Ten Commandments

    Approx. 1280-1240 BCE
  • The Time of the Judges/The Time Before Kings

    Approx. the middle of the 13th century to the middle of the 11th century BCE
    This was when Deborah was the only female jugde when everyone had to go to her with a problem
  • The Reign of David

    The Reign of David was 1013-973 BCE and was king
  • Elijah

    875-853 BCE he believed in god and proved to people that god was right
  • Siege of Lachish

    This happen in 701 BCE.
    1. This place was set on fire
    2. Lachish's king was taken down by his son
  • Siege of Jerusalem

    This happen in 587 BCE.
    1. Jerusalem was destoyed by Judah
    2. Jerusalem was set on fire